Machine embroidery on cut and uncut parts of clothes, hats, towels, bags, sewing EMBROIDERY To make a machine embroidery of a logo or inscription, we need a file or graphic in .ai format, before making an offer for embroidery, we need to know what will be embroidered, what material and what will be the first order quantity. Preparation for the production of an embroidery program includes the production of an embroidery program for an individual material, is charged once and is retained for the next embroidery order, where only embroidery per piece is paid. If the pieces are less than 5 pieces, 1 hour of embroidery is charged. It can be bonded to almost all types of materials and substrates. Due to the unlimited number of colors with which we can embroider, it is more affordable, of better quality and fits the fabric better than the print itself. We tie with cotton threads, which extends the shelf life of the embroidery. We can embroider letters in the smallest size of 3 mm, we can embroider on pockets, collars, towels, blankets, bedding, ... we can also make embroidered flags, we can embroider directly on hats or we can make sequins. We embroider logos and inscriptions in several different colors, as the price of embroidery does not affect the number of colors, the price of embroidery depends on the size of the embroidery, the pieces of embroidery and the base to which it is embroidered. The EMBROIDERY ON CAPS; embroidering logos and inscriptions on hats with a visor, where you can embroider on the entire tubular surface of the hat or on the side, fastening tape, we also embroider knitted hats, scarves and gloves. The LABELS; we produce embroidered labels that are sewn on finished products. 

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